23 Jul Like “Gomorrah,” Roberto Saviano’s blistering exposé of the Camorra, the Naples crime syndicate, “Zero Zero Zero” stretches the. “Zero zero zero” is also the nickname among narcotraffickers for the purest, highest quality cocaine on the market. And it is the title of Roberto Saviano’s. ZeroZeroZero è un romanzo-inchiesta di Roberto Saviano, pubblicato da Feltrinelli Editore il 5 Zero Zero Zero sul sito ufficiale di Roberto Saviano; Roberto Saviano @ Giacomo Feltrinelli editore, su Filmato audio.

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Really want to read Gomorrah, his first book about the Camorra in Naples that he risked his life to write. In definitiva le uniche pagine degne di essere lette sono alcuni interludi in cui l’Autore pone interrogativi sul mondo, su se stesso su tutti noi Roberto Saviano nella parte finale di questo Zero zero zero dice esattamente la stessa cosa.

On the one hand, he charts an astonishing increase in sophistication and diversification as these criminal entities diversify into many other products and markets. Pero lo que peor me ha encajado es el estilo. Davanti vedi l’asticella dell’assuefazione che non fa che alzarsi e preghi di non andare mai in crisi di astinenza.

‘ZeroZeroZero’ Argues Cocaine Is Everywhere But Is It Really? : NPR

By zfro end of ZeroZeroZeroSaviano seems not like a person who has achieved clarity through prolonged reporting on crime and drugs, but like one who has become mired in the endless misery and information that there is to uncover. The most frightening aspect is the influence that the mountains of money have underpinning the financial markets, oil business, and elsewhere – more money than anyone knows what to do with.

Diane, Nick, Matt, Nikki, and all who are interested in criminal activity. Given Zerl clear ties to the mafia Trump Towers were built with mafia cement and unorganised mafia labor, his casinos in Vegas are tied to various mafia-related organisations and to Putin himself a chairman or investor on several businesses owned by the Russian mob documented in Saviano’s bookit is a critical read at this particular point in time.

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The result is a harrowing and groundbreaking synthesis of literary narrative and geopolitical analysis exploring one of the most powerful dark forces in our economy. If any writer gets the reader close to that impossible understanding, it is Saviano in these sections.

Apr 18, Francesca rated it it was amazing. E allora leggiamole, queste storie.

‘ZeroZeroZero’ Argues Cocaine Is Everywhere … But Is It Really?

Sign up for more newsletters here. The result is a truly amazing and harrowing synthesis of intimate literary narrative and geopolitical analysis of one of the most powerful dark forces in the global economy. Return to Book Page. I wanted a person list to help keep zerl various members of the cartels straight.

Money-laundering involving legitimate banks and other businesses creates dangerous alliances with zsro. He will only have made zreo enemies with his latest book, an exhaustive and sometimes exhausting in-depth exploration of the international cocaine trade. Oppure, semplicemente, la persona che ne fa uso sei tu. Bruno Fuduli – pressured into giving up an honest life to to become a high stakes cocaine broker the Camorra, he became a police informant of his own free will, but left to get into the cocaine trade for himself when he found witness protection disagreeable.

ZeroZeroZero by Roberto Saviano |

All this is real and occurs on a grand scale. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Gamorrah was fresh exactly because Saviano had lived it, walked the streets of Naples, seen where the bodies were gunned down, smelt the fetid air of a countryside polluted by industrial waste ferried down from the north of Italy by a criminal sub-culture so debased that they were happy to poison their own hinterland fro a fast buck.


But Saviano never builds an argument to justify that sense of importance.

Most interesting stories were about: What is crucial is understanding the scale on which these people operate; their local and global impact; saiano power; their ruthlessness; their elaborate creativity for product distribution and for money-laundering.

Contanti fruscianti che non vedono mai crisi. The Italian Minister of the Interior has granted him a permanent police escort. The book is filled with stories of how millions of dollars’ worth of the drug is transported in one shipping or how tons of it can be confiscated in one police bust; and with time, that amount of money and robeeto appears negligible compared to the amount of cocaine actually being purchased and consumed worldwide.

‘Zero Zero Zero’ by Roberto Saviano

Nessuna differenza se sei un banchiere di Londra o un emarginato colombiano, se il tuo obiettivo e’ fare soldi tanti e subito la tua risposta e’ la sola merce che non conoscera’ mai una crisi. Es una brutalidad de libro.

But for me, most important of all is the hope Saviano gives to countless victims of criminal violence by standing up to its perpetrators, especially those from his home country. A work of art. Most Popular in arts Right Arrow. He tracks the lives and deaths of cocaine’s key players. Similar to his other book, “Gomorrah”, Saviano provides overwhelming information about illegal activities and how these activities direct world politics and economy.

Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli. But they could not operate successfully without the complicity of legal institutions in prosperous industrial nations.