Jurnalul Annei Frank este o adaptare teatrală a cărții Jurnalul Annei Frank care prezintă cei doi ani în care tânăra Anne Frank s-a ascuns de naziști împreună. Anne Frank și jurnalul ei figurează pe mai toate listele de excelență ale veacului XX privitoare la personalități și la cărți – Cei mai importanți oameni ai . With Millie Perkins, Shelley Winters, Joseph Schildkraut, Richard Beymer. During World War II, a teenage Jewish girl named Anne Frank and her family are.

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In a number of countries you can also pay in others ways than by credit card. Among the artefacts are Frank family photographs taken in Germany and the Netherlands and the letter Otto Frank sent his mother ininforming her that his wife and daughters had perished in Nazi concentration camps.

Commenting on Anne Frank’s writing style, the dramatist Meyer Levin commended Frank for “sustaining the tension of a well-constructed novel”, [77] and was so impressed by the quality of her feank that he collaborated with Otto Frank on a dramatization of the diary shortly after its publication.

The Diary of a Young Girlwas positively reviewed.

Anne Frank

A Biography of the Youngest Helper of the Secret Annexin which they alleged that Bep’s younger sister Nelly — could have betrayed the Frank family. The Diary of Anne Frank: Mandela, Nelson 15 August Kleiman was released after seven weeks, but Kugler was held in various work camps until the war’s end.

Salter, Jessica 5 June As Anne Frank’s stature as both a writer and humanist has grown, she has been discussed specifically as a symbol of the Holocaust and more broadly as a representative of persecution.


Its annual report that year outlined its efforts to contribute on a global level, with support for projects in Germany, Israel, India, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States. In earlya typhus epidemic spread through the camp, killing 17, prisoners.

I bought this book but now I wonder, should I read it? Her gregarious and confident nature allowed her to obtain extra bread rations for her mother, sister, and herself. Anne Frank Diary Reference. Edith Frank was left behind and died from starvation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

In her writing, Frank examined her relationships with the members of her family, and the strong differences in each of their personalities.

Retrieved 3 September Annelies Marie Frank German: Archived from the original PDF on 31 March They determined that the paper, glue, and ink were readily available during the time the diary was said to have been written. Anne Frank and her diary To the website. Upon his death, Otto willed the diary’s copyright to the Fonds, on the provision that the first 80, Swiss francs in income each year was to be distributed to his heirs.

Frank at the office. As Anne began to mature, the sisters were able to confide in each other. Faurisson, Robert November—December I want to go on living even after my death! It includes comparisons from all known versions, both edited and unedited.

Her original notebook was supplemented by additional notebooks and loose-leaf sheets of paper. All were aware that, if caught, they could face the death penalty for sheltering Jews.

Retrieved 6 April Retrieved 12 September Night watchman Martin Sleegers and an unidentified police officer investigated a burglary at the premises in April and came across the bookcase concealing the secret door. And if I don’t have the talent to write books or newspaper articles, I can always write for myself. Born in FrankfurtGermanyshe lived most of her life in or near AmsterdamNetherlandshaving moved there with her family at the age of four and a frxnk when the Nazis gained control over Germany.


Margot took a shorthand course by correspondence in Bep Voskuijl’s name and received high marks. Emma Holm-Olsen Yes, this is a very tragic book, but it is also so interesting and eye-opening, that it is worth every minute spent reading it, and every juralul shed …more Yes, this is a very tragic book, but it is also so interesting and eye-opening, that it is worth every minute spent reading it, and every tear shed over it.

Anne Frank – Wikipedia

The book was successful in France, Germany, and the United States, but in the United Kingdom it failed to attract an audience and by was out of print. She candidly described her life, her family and companions, and their situation, while beginning jurnwlul recognize her ambition to write fiction for publication.

It was first published in Germany and France inand after being rejected by several publishers, was first published in the United Kingdom in It would become one of the annek books in the world.

Inside Anne Frank’s House: