Georg Lomer Biography – – Georg Lomer Biography and List of Works – Georg Lomer Georg Lomer Is the author of books such as Seven Hermetic Letters. Seven Hermetic Letters has 11 ratings and 1 review. Nik said: ‘Fun’ read! As for me it would be hard to abstain from meat and sex! The rest is good info. Georg Lomer is the author of Seven Hermetic Letters ( avg rating, 11 ratings, 1 review, published ), Liebe Und Psychose ( avg rating, 0 rating.

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Walk into a hospital room where every patient is afflicted with cholera; if you lomr the firm conviction that you are immune against this disease, you will be safe. We will begin this chapter by mentioning the most important matter first: Seven Hermetic Letters by Dr. Should you not find any, reflect again. All imagination, ideas and concepts are formed out of this fine substance.

Seven Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer

The energy which is employed during concentration in a certain direction which, in other words, is consumed for a practical purpose must be gained by overcoming wishes 6 and by maintaining your composure 5.

This is not something which lmer be obtained through thinking and studying.

What you should retain in your thoughts is: Take a small object into lmoer hands, such as a tin soldier, doll, photograph, a small picture of a landscape a postcardetc.

Here the player, the spirit, wants harmony. Write this on a small piece of paper and place it on your desk, your book shelf, or anyplace that often catches your eye. Scrutinize one after the other; contemplate what they think of you and how they came to that conclusion. The world cannot have come into existence by itself; there must be something that originally made it or created it, just as the mechanism of a clock leads to the conclusion that a watchmaker made it.

This is the barometer for the procedures that take place in your fluid body. Even in this gforg, what will advance you the most will be your own work. The state of absolute inner steadfastness which is produced through this procedure is of a very particular kind and it will probably take a few attempts before you succeed.


You recognize which kinds of wishes and fears are active within you. Hand in hand with this dream work goes the further schooling of the powers of thought, of which you will find more detailed information in the explanations. At the same time, you georgg observe that your influence upon other people is slowly but surely increasing.

It can consist of:. If you are subject by nature to exasperation, then you should practice this thought-picture often without having any special reason to do so. Help us improve our Author Pages by updating your bibliography and submitting a new or current image and biography. Therefore, put your house in order! Are you an author? The richer, the more highly developed the vessel of the spirit is, the greater the might which he is capable of exerting on this basis upon a low, most imperfect form of crystallization, the coarse matter.

Get to Know Us. The lower quadruplicity, inclusive of the body, becomes refined and receptive for these highly spiritual impulses and enters into the service of the superior systems.

The fluid body is finer than the physical body, yet the higher self is the finest; and subtle beyond all concepts is the vibration of the cosmic consciousness, about which an ancient proverb speaks: Before you enter upon this inward path, it is necessary to protect yourself from harmful influences that come from the outside, because they can interfere or lead you astray from your course of development.

Simon Steindl rated it it was amazing Jul 27, Do things which you have to force yourself to do or things which, up to now, you did not like to do.

However, if you yourself want to enter into the eternal life, you have to change and choose the path to the great Innermost, the path into the unspeakable sanctuary.

Deny yourself the conveniences of your professional life to which you have become accustomed. It is the spiritual flank attack which will certainly lead you to victory, even when dealing with deep-rooted shortcomings and even when the frontal attack is not sufficient. What do you expect from these instructions?

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Here the sap circulates most actively and connects the branch with the main trunk of the tree. Assume a position of rest which is appropriate for you. You must understand that the spirit did not create a human being for himself alone. Should you let the wish have its will, then the electrical energy which is stored up in that wish finds its discharge through this, similar to lightning that strikes the earth.

A new plant, a new nation comes into existence! Answer this question for yourself, but do it conscientiously.

Seven Hermetic Letters by Dr. Georg Lomer

Have you heard this calling? Seat yourself at a table, in a tall and erect posture, without touching the table. Both bodies are held together by electromagnetic powers. If you fool yourself or extenuate what is embarrassing for you, then you deceive yourself and you will not be able to reach even the closest goal.

Male genitals appear in many different disguises such as a lance, an arrow, a rifle, or a revolver, whereas when women dream of their fathers it oddly enough represents the male genitals. Shane marked it as to-read Mar 13, Rather keep company, if necessary, with good, valuable people, regardless of the external position they may hold.

You have to clearly understand that every dream must be understood symbolically either in its entirety or at least in part. All you have to do is look around, and you will find this premise confirmed. However, there is one most important exception:. Once you have done so, reverse the entire procedure, beginning with the little finger, until all fingers are in the same position as when you started, and the clenched fist lies before you as it did in the beginning.