17 Apr English is the official language for technical documentation in the aerospace and defense industries. However, many end-users are confused. Simplified Technical English, ASD-STE Issue 6. Highlights. Page HI Highlights. This Issue 6 of the specification replaces all previous issues. 26 Jun ASD-STE Simplified Technical English extends the concepts of plain English. ASD-STE brings engineering rigour to the English.

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Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Writing Rules cover aspects of grammar and style ; the Dictionary specifies the general words that can be used. Our customised STE training solutions that range from one to three training days will help you expand your knowledge of the fundamental principles of documentation managementas well as highlight the importance of Simplified Technical English writing rules and ste1100 management to ssd you capitalise on your existing legacy documentation and translation memory databases.

Simplified Technical English

In the late 70s, the European aerospace and defense industry was asked to improve the clarity and readability of their maintenance documentation. It also contains a dictionary of approx. As a consequence, today, primary texts of maintenance manuals are mostly written in STE.

Simplified Technical English is based on standardised terminology and simple grammar rules. ASD-STE Simplified Technical Englishor Simplified Englishis the original name of a controlled language specification originally developed for aerospace industry maintenance manuals.

Not only would the tools help me spot the errors quickly and efficiently, tools could reduce the cognitive load that sre100 with writing and editing all day.

Simplified Technical English – Wikipedia

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. Interest in ASD-STE has also increased dramatically in the areas of language stf100, professional translation and interpreting, as well as in the academic world.

It can go through your skin and into your body. These two groups explored the existing controlled languages and researched texts in several maintenance manuals. Each topic is linked via hypertext to the supporting texts and online exercises.


As for the basic course, it is possible to enroll at any time of xsd year. Keep current with the latest trends in technical communication by subscribing to the I’d Rather Be Writing newsletter. Each video lesson contains several topics and is indexed. In addition to its general dictionary, the rules of ASD-STE permit the use of qsd or project-oriented words referred to in Simplified Technical English as technical names and technical verbs.

Complex technical instructions can be misunderstood and misunderstandings can lead to accidents. Etteplan, a technical services company based in Europe, Asia and North America, offers a plugin called HyperSTE that integrates with most help authoring tools. English portal Constructed languages portal. The Writing Rules differentiate between two types of topics: To request your copy, please follow the instructions on the Downloads page.

December Learn how and when to remove this template message. It is also the language of the aerospace and defense industry. Abercraf Cardiff Gower Port Talbot.

Bermuda Falkland Islands Guyana. The verb can express close a door or close a circuitbut cannot be used in other senses for example to close the meeting or to close a business.

Control of additional specific vocabularies is, of course, the responsibility of the companies or the projects themselves. The key factor for the creation of a controlled and zsd form of English was essentially a request from the customers i. Although Simplified Technical English originates from the aerospace and defence industries, it can easily be customised and applied to any other industry, including machinery, automotive, electronics, IT and medical equipment.

The more I try to refine content, the blinder I become to it. Experience in technical writing is useful. STE makes technical texts easy to understand by all readers and can be regarded as an important and valuable resource for technical writing to simplify the correct understanding of the maintenance instructions asv the operators, remove linguistic barriers and reduce Human Factors risks. The adjective “close” appears in the Dictionary as an unapproved word with the suggested approved alternative “near”.


For example, the assd “close” can only be used in one of two meanings:. STE is mandated by several commercial and military specifications that control the style and content of maintenance documentation, most notably ASD SD. The dictionary includes around words, and the writing rules have about 65 different grammar rules.

This section does not cite any sources. At the end of the course, the student must pass an exam which consists of a written test done under the guidance of the tutor. STE was developed to help the readers of English-language documentation understand what they read, particularly when these readers are non-native English speakers.

Writing correctly in STE is not an easy task as it requires a good command of the Sre100 language together with a good knowledge of the subject that the author is writing about. Issue 7 of the specification fully replaces all previous issues and revisions.

It was initially applicable to commercial aviation. These benefits should not be overlooked ad products and their accompanying documentation are increasingly shipped to many countries worldwide where English is not the main language used. The approved words can only be used according to their specified meaning. There are more than 65 writing rules.

Subsequently, several changes, issues and revisions were released up to the present issue.

ASD-STE – Simplified Technical English for Aerospace and Defense

Consistent terminology facilitates your task of indexing and helps users to find pertinent information faster by eliminating unnecessary synonyms and spelling variants. Simplified Technical English STE is an approach to writing developed by the aerospace and defense industries to simplify technical documentation.

Today, the success of STE is such ste1000 other industries use it beyond its original intended purpose of aerospace maintenance documentation.